About Us

The House

Redhouse Paediatrics was established in 2015. It is located in a quiet residential area opposite the Frankston Botanical Gardens. It is a custom built practice that has the interest of children at heart. An outdoor play area, free Wifi and practice iPads engage children of all ages and can lead to a decrease in stress and anxiety related to medical encounters. We are a “green” practice with solar power, electronic medical files and recycling being embraced by our team. Parking is available on site and we have wheelchair access.

Our Philosophy

Our practitioners are local paediatricians who have been working in the area for more than a decade and have a robust network with medial staff at local hospitals, Monash Children’s Hospital and the Royal Children’s Hospital as well as local, schools, allied health and community stakeholders. We aim to deliver evidence based paediatric care with a holistic approach, always keeping the interests of the child in mind.

In our practice we work in close relation with our local child psychologists and a speech pathologists and we engage in team meetings about our patients whenever required. We have the facility to perform paediatric echocardiograms and ECG’s on site on certain Fridays to help with assessments of paediatric heart conditions.

The Team

Our team at Redhouse Paediatrics provides care to children from birth to 16 years. Our expertise is to provide a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all paediatric conditions including unsettled babies, feeding problems, poor growth, constipation and wetting issues, breathing problems and asthma, skin concerns and eczema, developmental/behavioural concerns, speech delay and poor school performance.

Our receptionists are passionate about their work and about furthering children’s health and will use a family centred approach to guide you through your medical journey.