Specialised Paediatric Care For Your Child.

Important Notice Regarding Covid-19

Please note that the practitioners at Redhouse Paediatrics will continue to provide service to patients during the COVID pandemic. Our practitioners are predominantly providing service via telehealth. We are currently closed to all but the most urgent face-to-face appointments in line with Covid restrictions. If it is absolutely necessary to provide a face to face appointment please note that only the child and one caregiver are allowed to attend. Siblings and more than one caregiver are under no circumstances to attend the appointment but may join via telehealth. Detailed information about telehealth will be provided to you prior to the appointment.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

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Is it Your First Visit?

What to bring:

  • Your GP's referral letter

    For all new patients 0-15 years of age we will require a new referral, issued by your local doctor. For more info click here

  • Medical History

    Please always bring your child's health care record and all previous medical records to the appointment. All previous assessments, hearing and eye assessments and your child's school or Kindergarten  reports are essential in particular for developmental/behavioural referrals.
  • Medicare card
    Please ensure your newborn is registered with Medicare and that you have your card ready on arrival. For babies without a medicare card we cannot claim the medicare rebate. You can register Here.

Where are we:

For your first appointment we recommend that we get input from both parents, if possible. During COVID it is not possible for both parents to attend our practice. However, we can link in with the other caregiver via telehealth or phone. This is particularly important for children with behavioural and developmental concerns.

GP referrals are generally valid for 12 months. Referrals by a specialist such as your obstetrician are valid for 3 months only. Please email your referral to us at info@redhousepaediatrics.com.au or fax it to us at (03) 9781 2623.

We will ask you to provide us with relevant information about your child including parenting or intervention orders, if relevant. You will provide your contact details, sign our privacy statement, and fill out a questionnaire which you can find here.

Please note that we are a private practice and fees will apply for all consultations; they are payable on the day. Doctors at our practice do not bulk bill. If you have any questions please email our practice manager at manager@redhousepaediatrics.com.au

Our Receptionists:

Photo of Redhouse Paediatrics' receptionists
Our staff, Margaret, Michele, Sue and Donna and our practice manager Lee are here to guide you through the booking process and to help with appointments. They will pleased to answer your questions and assist with issues relating to your visit to our practice.