How to book an appointment

Please note that for allied health professionals (Emma Turner and Cathie Hughes) a referral is not necessary. Simply reach out to them via the following methods:

Cathie Hughes: 0422 479 832 (text only)
Emma Turner: 0428 783 841 or

1. Referral

Please email us the GP referral to
Ring us about 3 weeks after our office has received the referral.

2. Medically urgent referrals

Your local doctor should contact our doctors directly to discuss. Our doctors will triage the appointments according to the urgency.

3. Behavioural or developmental referrals

Please note that we are currently receiving a high volume of behavioural or developmental referrals and there is an extended wait period for these appointments. If you require an earlier appointment we are able to provide you with a list of other service providers in the area. You can book your child in with a child psychologist whilst awaiting our appointment as the psychological assessment can help with diagnosis and treatment plan. Child psychologists typically also have waiting lists for new patients. Here is a list of child psychologists.

Please note:

We do not see children over the age of 16.

If the family is currently involved with DHS or there are extensive court orders then we recommend a referral to Peninsula Health where allied health and social workers are available to assist the family.

Please note that we are a private practice and fees will apply for all consultations; they are payable on the day. Doctors at our practice do not bulk bill. If you have any questions please email our practice manager at

Please notify your GP and us if your child’s condition changes during the waiting time.